Marriott Burbank Hotel

Hotel Address


 Address: 2500 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505.   There is a free airport shuttle from the Burbank Airport to the hotel.  

Book a room


Please book your room at:

Convention Center


The Convention Center is attached to the hotel. Programming, vendor room, celebrity autograph area and evening events will be hosted at the convention center; everything in one convenient location.    

Hotel Rooms


Enjoy all the events during the day and evening and walk back to your hotel room!  



Enjoy us on Saturday night for a very special evening.  We will have special celebrity speakers honoring Nichelle Nichols.  Enjoy a glass of wine and a toast! 

Friday Night Party


Enjoy music, dancing, celebrities and more on Friday night.  Come join us for a cosmic experience and dance the night away.   The Friday night party is included in all weekend passes.